A Vote for Stacey is a Vote for Vero Beach's Future

As a city council member, I will always put the people of Vero Beach first. Our citizens need elected officials who will protect their freedoms and be good stewards of their taxpayer dollars.

Meet Tracey

Tracey Zudans has served the community in a wide variety of volunteer and philanthropic roles, including as a Trustee for the Indian River County Hospital District.

Tracey graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Advertising. She currently serves as a board member on the Veteran’s Council of Indian River County.

In her role as a community advocate she has worked with organizations like the Indian River County Healthy Start Coalition, Child Care Resources, the We Care Foundation, the Buggy Bunch, and the Live Like Cole Foundation.

She was recently honored as a Junior League of Indian River Woman of the Year nominee for 2020 and was awarded “Fiscal Conservative of the Year” from the Taxpayer’s Association of Indian River County.

Tracey has been active in Impact 100, a philanthropic effort by women in Indian River County which provides grants throughout the local community, and she also served as Co-President of the Saint Edward’s School Parents Association.

Her husband, Dr. Val Zudans, is a former Mayor of Vero Beach. They have four children. 

Tracey Zudans Family

The Issues Affecting Vero Beach

We must complete the Three Corners Project outlined in the “Standing O Plan.” We must get the water and sewer off of the Lagoon. Clean water is at the heart of our community, and I'm excited about the Three Corners Project as an ideal complement to our beautiful natural resources. We cannot allow this project to languish. Our future is at stake.

I will be a fiscally conservative advocate against new taxes and in favor of economic recovery for our community. While we must seek new opportunities for economic advancement, we must remember what has made Vero such a wonderful place to live. We are a community of hard-working entrepreneurs and families. We must hold the line on spending and respect the taxpayers’ resources.

On the Hospital District I had the opportunity to testify in front of the public service commission about the benefits to our community for the sale of Vero Electric to FPL. I had the pleasure of engaging the community members about the most important aspect of their lives, their health, particularly with revitalizing the Gifford Health Center. I worked hard in the successful process of bringing world class health care to our community culminating in Cleveland Clinic. I participated in negotiating 4 budget cycles for a similarly sized public entity.  

Inflation is at an all-time high and the citizens of Vero Beach are feeling its effect just as the rest of the nation. The City Council of Vero Beach must create sustainable solutions that will help ease the burden of the recent high prices for food, gas, and housing. We must act swiftly and accordingly to bring much-needed relief to our citizens by working with retailers, distributors, and state legislators to enact programs that lower prices and increase supply chain distribution.

Vero Beach is a beautiful place to live, play, and raise a family. We must also make it a haven for new business development. By offering more substantial incentives for local businesses and programs to attract new businesses to our area, we can ensure that all of our workers have a prosperous future and a good wage.

Tracey Zudans is Endorsed by...

“Tracey Zudans is one of the best problem solvers of our community because she has the patience and kindness to listen. Anytime we have worked together, I'm struck by how much she is able to accomplish by working with others and sharing the credit. Tracey cares deeply about Vero Beach. I've endorsed her because I know she will be an excellent member of the City Council.”

Robert Brackett
Vero Beach Mayor

“Tracey Zudans is the right choice for Vero Beach City Council. She has a great deal of respect for our community and our unique quality of life, and I'm confident she'll protect our little slice of paradise.”

Wesley Davis
Indian River County Property Appraiser

“Tracey is always available for our community, committed to ensuring the Vero spirit remains strong. I support Tracey Zudans for Vero Beach City Council because I believe she is the most committed and qualified of all the candidates.”

Eric Flowers
Indian River County Sheriff

“We worked so hard to sell the electric utility to FP&L not only for great rates, but to reuse the 3-Corners waterfront city-owned property for the enjoyment of residents and our youth. Tracey Zudans will ensure that this valuable city-owned property provides for the lifestyle, educational, entertainment and social needs of our active residents and families, while reopening access to the riverfront and entertainment possibilities.”

Tracy Carroll
Former Vero Beach Vice Mayo

“Tracey Zudans has my full endorsement because she will bring to the City Council a unified vision for our city and county. She understands our past and knows what we need for our future. With my law enforcement background, I understand why she has the support of our Sheriff, Police, and Firefighters. Tracey knows how important safety is for our community and will be unwavering in her support of our First Responders.”

Joe Flescher
IRC County Commission Chair

“I know she'll protect our hard earned tax dollars, and we can count on her to be our voice on the Vero Beach City Council.”

Carole Jean Jordan
Indian River Tax Collector

“Tracey Zudans is a proven leader with a record of defending our conservative values. Having served several years on our City Council, I know she has what it takes to make an immediate positive impact on our community.”

Harry Howle
Former Vero Beach Mayor

“The City of Vero Beach will be well-served by Tracey Zudans. She is a proven leader who is committed to good government, and that is why I am proud to endorse her candidacy.”

Erin Grall
State Representative

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I’m committed to Vero Beach and believe I’m well prepared to serve on the City Council. I’m proud of my service as a Hospital District trustee, especially in returning robust health care to the Gifford community.

I promise to work with you to realize our Vision for Vero.

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