For FL State House, HD 18 (Northern St. Johns Co)


Highlights Kim's 20 years of advocating for our citizens on safety, responsible growth, faith, and education!


Kim Kendall’s career includes working as a FAA air traffic controller and owning two dry cleaners. She has been happily married to Kelly for 30 years and has two adult children that attended St. Johns County schools.

Kim has been a strong advocate for the military. As a military dependent, she grew up on Naval bases from Guantánamo Bay, Cuba to Subic Bay, Philippines. It was that upbringing that has motivated her to hold positions like the Vice President of Public Relations for the St. Augustine-Palm Coast Navy League.

As a proud Seminole, Kim graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in public relations. She has used that skill set in advancing initiatives, such as, holding the position of Timberlin Creek Elementary Business Liaison.

With a strong Christian faith, Kim has tirelessly stood for our Judeo-Christian principles. She has fearlessly gone toe to toe with anti-faith groups and school boards that were not allowing prayer at graduation and were professing evolution as the basis of life in our schools.

As an education advocate, she was asked to do a conservative, educational radio talk show. She produced and hosted WFOY'S “Making the Grade" show that included interviewing (then Congressman) Ron DeSantis, Governor Rick Scott, and many others. Programing covered issues that impact education ranging from economy, safety, real estate, parental choice, and religion.

Whether chairing statewide literacy initiatives, working on state appointed education task forces, or serving as the Florida Federation of Republican Women's State Education Chair - Kim is a force in educational priorities.

When approached to co-found St. Johns County's middle school sports with Keith Martin, she immediately said, "Yes!" Even though she was told this was an "impossible" task and others had tried and failed over 20 years, she took that as a motivational speech. Putting together an amazing volunteer team and with only private funding, middle school sports came to St. Johns County in 2009 and have remained a feature ever since.

Kim will continue to work full-time for the residents of St. Johns County and the State of Florida because her special interest is YOU!


GROWTH: Secure State funding for infrastructure/road needs.

GROWTH: Legislation to hold all developers to higher and more equal fair share standards.

EDUCATION: Expansion of workforce development in our district including VoTech classes & adult certifications such as mechanics, plumbing, electrical, A&P certifications, and programs in aviation and avionics.

EDUCATION/VALUES: No parent should worry about their child being given puberty blockers, nor should boys use the girls restroom or play girls sports. I will sponsor any type legislation that helps to protect our children and values.