U.S. Navy Veteran


Owner of Gold Wingnut Productions


Appointed Commissioner by Gov. DeSantis
Elected Commissioner in 2022

Meet Don Wiley

I was appointed to the Sumter County Commission by Gov. Ron DeSantis and was later overwhelmingly elected by the good Residents of Sumter County to fill the same seat until matters relating to my predecessor were resolved.

I’ve lived in Sumter County since April of 2014 with my wife Debbie.  For us, this move was the first time in our lives that we had a choice of where to live, and we chose Sumter County.  Debbie and I are the products of career US Air Force families and we both moved every few years as our fathers were transferred to varying duty stations around the world. Following high school, I joined the US Navy at age 17 and served over 20 years in the US Navy Submarine Force. Upon my retirement in 1999 as a Chief Petty Officer, I went to work in the construction industry for Johnson Controls in Memphis, Tennessee. In 2006 we moved to Haines City where I led major construction projects until retiring in 2018.

Meet Don Wiley Continued

I now operate Gold Wingnut Productions, a small independent media company I founded to bring fact-based news and information about Sumter County and The Villages to current and future residents.  

Our decision to move to Sumter County was based in part by The Villages community, but more importantly it was based on the surrounding communities and economy.  Living close by in Haines City we were able to visit Sumter County and The Villages frequently and early on we gained a great appreciation for all that the community and county had to offer.  For the first time in our lives, we have buried our roots and are here to stay in beautiful Sumter County.

In 2014, I was elected to the Community Development District 10 Board of Supervisors. In 2022, Gov. Ron DeSantis appointed me to the Sumter County Board of County Commissioners and shortly thereafter I won election by an overwhelming majority.

My Service and Accomplishments

My public service has included:

Sumter County Board of County Commissioners (Vice-Chairman)
The Lake-Sumter Metropolitan Planning Organization (2nd Vice Chairman)
Withlacoochee Regional Water Supply Authority
The Sumter County Value Assessment Board (Chairman)

Some of my accomplishments since serving on the County Commission:

Worked with staff to develop a budget that supports the needs and goals of the community while continuing to reduce the tax rate paid by residents and business alike.  Sumter County Property taxes are now at an all time low and are one of the lowest in the State of Florida.
Supported the development of a new county service center in central Sumter County that will support the continued growth of the County and the communities within.
Supported the development of the new law enforcement and firefighting training centers
Successfully opposed a huge tax hike that would have unfairly burdened the business community for fire and EMS services
Supported numerous measures and actions that furthered and reinforced land owners rights in Sumter County
Supported the establishment of The Villages Public Safety Department Dependent District

"Integrity was best explained to me early in my naval career as doing the right thing even when nobody will ever know the difference. Anything but the highest level of integrity on a ship can cost lives, I and the men and women with whom I served held our integrity as the most valued asset that an individual can have, our lives depended on it. I carry that same level of integrity with me today, and it is essential in every decision I will make as a County Commissioner, as a business owner, and as an individual."

Don Wiley


Fight Joe Biden’s inflation by balancing our county budget.
Hold the line on taxes and fees.

Better access to roads and fire safety to minimize risk ratings.
Better coordination with the Office of Insurance Regulation to attract more providers to our county.

Increased patrols and traffic calming strategies to stop traffic violence and clogged roadways.
Prioritize law enforcement funding to fight human trafficking and fentanyl.

No approvals for chaotic developments out of sync with existing infrastructure.
Get ahead of the growth with a focus on better infrastructure and traffic patterns.

Streamline backlog of permitting for workforce housing.
Protect funding for home ownership programs for nurses, firefighters, police, teachers, and skilled labor.


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