Democrats call voter fraud a “myth,” but the evidence is not on their side


Democrats and the left-wing media are adamant that voter fraud is a “myth” and when faced with legitimate video footage of ballot stuffing and vote buying, they insist they are isolated incidents. The convergence of COVID-19 and the 2020 election cycle produced a sharp uptick in absentee ballot submissions, which former Democratic President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker stated to be “the largest source of potential voter fraud” in their landmark report Building Confidence in U.S. Elections. Within the last three months, two instances of voter fraud caught on video made the headlines of local and national news outlets.

Last week, a Connecticut judge voided the mayoral primary results in Bridgeport after surveillance footage exposed the vice chair of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee stuffing ballots in an election drop box outside a government building. The primary was held in mid-September, and the results have been under review since the losing candidate filed a lawsuit after the videos emerged. Democrats involved in the case have dismissed the unmistakable ballot harvesting scenario as a problem unique to Bridgepoint and not an indicator of widespread voter fraud.

“In Connecticut, this is a problem here and here alone,” claimed Bill Bloss, the election law attorney representing the Democratic candidate who filed the suit.

Denise Merrill, the former Connecticut secretary of the state also argued that the case in Bridgepoint is isolated and the idea that there is widespread voter fraud is just a conspiracy. “There are so many conspiracy theories out there and yet for years we’ve had study after study tell us that it doesn’t happen,” said Merrill.

Although fraudulent absentee ballots are the most discussed form of voter fraud, illegally buying votes from legitimate voters has also been used in an attempt to steal recent elections. In the neighboring state of Massachusetts, Springfield mayoral candidate Justin Hurst’s campaign was accused of paying for votes outside city hall. Hurst denied the allegations and continued on the campaign trail but uncovered video footage points to the contrary. In the surveillance footage, a car full of individuals is shown being dropped off at the precinct during early voting and handed cash by one of Hurst’s campaign workers after casting their votes. The last of Springfield’s voters cast their ballots last night, but an investigation into the fraud allegations is underway.

“Any allegations of money being exchanged for votes is certainly concerning and deserves further investigation,” said William Galvin, the secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. “My office has been in touch with law enforcement, as we would be with any report of a potential irregularity, to ensure that the integrity of the process is maintained.”

It is hard to imagine any type of situation in which actual evidence of criminal activity is followed by moves to reduce security measures around election integrity, which is what the Left routinely argues for. These unmistakable instances of voter fraud raise serious questions about the integrity and security of elections at all levels of government. Limiting drop-off ballot boxes and requiring additional ID information have been proposed to curb voter fraud, but Democrats claim that doing so is “voter suppression,” which is the real myth that ought to be debunked. 




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